Live at Playground Productions

by Stun-Gun Millie

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Presented live in the Playground Productions studio between a drum circle and an art gallery, Stun-Gun Millie debuted on a frosty night in Irvington. Millie sang her heart out while Silas strummed his magic resonator for the live audience, covering the long history of Founders tunes, some new Epochrypha tracks, and Millie's original material. Collected here are the finest tunes for your hi-fi listening pleasure.


released January 15, 2016

Stun-Gun Millie: Vocals
Silas Mourner: Guitar, vocals

Adam Riviere: Audio engineering
Nick Kieper: Mixing/mastering



all rights reserved


Stun-Gun Millie Indianapolis, Indiana

Born from a birthday wish, brought to life by a fortunate return to our roots, Stun-Gun Millie is voiced and written by Andrea Simpson, leaving the instrumental masterminding to Nick Kieper, who plays guitar and does production work.

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Track Name: These Buildings are Made of Rooms
In the back, on a shelf
Is a key that you'd better not lose
Down the stairs, ticking walk
Tip and lock in the back of your shoes
In the front, in the tree,
Digging roots, is some tired refuse

But there's no hope it'll ever make it out on this side
Nope, it's a goner, what a fallacy, right?
Look out, something inside is alive!
Look out, something inside is alive!

On the street, on the side
Is a door, is a front behind
In your head, in your ear,
Is a voice, is a question declined
On the street, right beside
Is a choice: never seek, never find

But there's no hope it'll ever make it out on this side
Nope, it's a goner, what a fallacy, right?
Look out, something inside is alive!
Look out, something inside is alive!
Track Name: Shallows
from Here We Go EP by Stun-Gun Millie
Here We Go EP cover art
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Written in the beginning of 2013, it was a gift for my boyfriend, who would eventually become my husband.
Blind birds ate the bees
In the Sycamore trees
And for thirty long years
Flew over black pregnant seas

As the waves wash over
The wrinkles in my brain
There’s no sick little reason
In my mind left to remain

In my youth I was midquest
To fill an emptiness inside
The Yang to fit into my Yin
But instead I broke my pride.

As quickly as they came, they went
And a part of me was lost
Extinguishing hope with every flame
My insides, permafrost

And I
Could not stop the growing divide
As much as I feared the world
I had no place to run, nowhere to hide.

So many faces, my heart races
From the shadows of my past
Life torn asunder, makes you wonder
Where's a happiness that lasts?

I’ll never fret nor regret
How I’ve come through my darkest days
I'm rescued by a brilliant light
The eons in your gaze

My mind, the blossoming burden yet blissfully blank,
And all can see.
The wildly symphonic, strangely hypnotic
Affect you have on me.

You’ve shaken my soul, an untold feat
No one else could comprehend
In the fathoms lie the final prize
My heart within your hand

And I
Have realized I want so much more
You have shown me my world
As though I've never seen it before.

As the months fly by, to the untrained eye
It would seem like it’s been years
Time's spent now, as will only allow
With smiles and happy tears

It’s floating there, in the heavy air;
Weighing on the gale
And once released upon the seas
You’re the zephyr in my sail.

In my time of need you’re at my heed;
Your arms, my steady shield.
Your mind, a vault of fearless wit,
Making words a sword to wield.

Though scattered by the light of day
Our nights are filled with bliss.
The shallows send us with the tide
That turns with every kiss.

You have given me the chance
To seek out the life I want to live
To show the rest of my world
I have a want to love, so much to give.

Yet even with the stars above
I cannot tell you what lies ahead
But the face inside the mirror,
That once looked back at me in fear,
Is now the one that laughs instead.
Track Name: Vacuum
Even in the silence, you will hear it
No words, but silent signals scream and shout
It chills the gills, it shakes the waking spirit
It stars the empty silence of The Doubt

Everybody holds a vacuum in their heart
Everybody holds a vacuum in their heart

It lingers every echo when they fall
It basks in passing moments' grasping glow
It blinds the sun from crawling out beyond the tunnel's haggard sprawl
Where the fissure fills up the core til it explodes

Everybody holds a vacuum in their heart
Everybody holds a vacuum in their heart
It's the emptiness that strikes you when it sparks
Everybody holds a vacuum in their heart
Track Name: End of the Line
Up in the hallowed halls
Deep in resounding tombs
Beating through the walls
And into the gloom

Caught in foundations
Foundered in sweeping swoons
In rich incantations
Can you feel it resume?

Open the threshold to rusting signs
Close your eyes, it's the end of the line

Stuck in the past disguises
Stretching out beyond tense
Reviewing old surprises
Renewing dulling sense

Still in the stories
Falling at terminal speed
Valleys before me
Descend into rotting weeds

Widened horizons all look dark to the blind
So close your eyes, it's the end of the line

Hold your position
Take no more space
This rough intuition
Keeping ground from face

The abyss all below
No ascent into blue
All descent as we go
All is old that was new

Enclose the void, rot to the spine
Close your eyes, it's the end of the line
Track Name: Black Cherry Sunrise
In the morning of a Black Cherry Sunrise
The moment, a rather awkward illusion
It comes, and then it goes
And to where, I’ll never know
That illustrious Black Cherry Sunrise

I’ve never asked the gods for perfection
I keep hope and faith well enough on my own
But sometimes they give me a glance at direction
That’s worth more to me than diamonds and gold

How oft have I woke
To the bright, warm orange sunlight
Faint trace of a kiss still lingering on my brow
And with the blue skies greeting
Red robin’s New Year song
I find you are no ghost,
But alive and with me all along.

In the eve of a Black Cherry Sunrise,
The snow, giving way to the rain now
Spring trees, how they sway
Through these blustery days
I wonder what trouble be blowing my way

The tide's getting tight ‘round the bar
And many an hour's been wasted today
When the telephone rings
‘It’s your savior!’ It sings
Then fast as my heart beats,
Out the door I slip away

To open roads I go
For ahead, not behind me
Lies a fortune beyond all reason and compare
And with every brilliant moment
I spend cradled in your arms
I find it worth more than time
Lost and listless in the bars

At the peak of a Black Cherry Sunrise
The rain, now the sun and a rainbow
The light off the lake
Gives a welcoming break
When you look back before the world
Gave a chance for you to wake.

In the morning
Of a Black
Cherry Sunrise
In the morning of a Black Cherry Sunrise